You Power

Welcome Back!!!


It’s finally that time again! Middlebury’s YouPower Spin Room is open and ready for you to get those legs pumping!!!

For those of you new to YouPower, we are a student organization on campus that organizes the spinning room located in FIC (the freeman international center). Every week we offer open hours, as well as AWESOME spinning classes taught by student instructors. And the best part?? Every time you spin those wheels you’re generating electricity that goes directly into the Middlebury grid! Every bike is hooked up to a generator and display that shows you how many watts you’re generating as you bike. So you get to tone your bunz, have some funz, AND be part of sustainability on campus!

This will be your hub for all YouPower news, weekly schedules, and updates on awesome upcoming events. If you’re interested in being an instructor, being part of the YouPower team, or just want some more info, email

Check out this week’s schedule on the hours page!

Directions to the room: walk up the stairs to the roof of FIC, as if you’re going to the bunker. keep going all the way to the back. then keep going some more. keep going until you see the concrete staircase on your left. go down the stairs and behold the wonderful YouPower room itself!!!

Much love from the YP squad-Nora, Paul and Natalie

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