You Power

A what-a-thon? No silly, Watt-a-thon!



When?? Friday, May 4th, 2-6pm.


What?? Midd’s first ever WATT-A-THON!  Teams of up to 10 are invited to claim one of our energy-producing bikes and compete to produce as much energy as possible in four hours! *see rules and how to sign up below*

Who?? You and all your besties, teammates, crushes (past and present), the kid from your high school visiting that weekend, the most competitive athletes you can find… ANYONE.

Where?? FIC GROTTO!  It’s right next to the bunker, and you can get there by walking across the whole concrete pavilion, passing all of the doors (don’t try to go to the bunker…though I know you’re inner freshman is drawn to it) and taking the outdoor stairs at the very back. They’ll spit you out right where all the action is! 

Why?? To produce and learn about energy, hang out with frandz, win $$ to flat bread, tone your buns and have some funs!!!

What’s in it for you, you may ask?  A killer work out, free swag for all participants (neon shades anyone?), free samples of vitacoco (coconut water) and coffee-fruit-power-drink (not sure what that is but we’re getting some!), and a chance to see the bunker during the daytime hours.  WHAT MORE COULD YOU WANT!?

How to sign up: e-mail with your team name and potential roster (no penalty if not all team members participate/show) by MIDNIGHT THURSDAY, MAY 3RD.  Only the first 11 teams can participate, so chop-chop!  Feel free to respond with any questions, comments, concerns, requests for musickkk or offers to DJ 🙂

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