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Carnival Programs

Each year, a Winter Carnival program is released which publicizes the sporting and social events taking place during the weekend and informs the reader about the rich history of this college tradition.  These programs are given to students, alumni, and guests to raise interest in the events occurring both on and off campus.  As one can see in the galleries below, the program design changes each year and includes updated information.


This is the program for the first official Middlebury Winter Carnival, which was held in 1934 and organized by the Mountain Club.


Among the most well-known Winter Carnival programs is the one from 1942 that imitated the format and tone of Time Magazine.


Although the more recent programs are not as creative as ones from the past, they still include valuable information about the events and history of Middlebury’s Winter Carnival.  The following program is from 2009.


To explore Winter Carnival programs more, click below.

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