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Poster Competition

Prior to the beginning of each Winter Carnival, students at Middlebury were challenged to submit ideas for the annual poster competition.  This contest involved participants creating full-color models of designs for posters that would be used to advertise that year’s Winter Carnival on and off campus.  So not only was the poster competition intended to generate more student involvement in the management and promotion of Middlebury’s Winter Carnival, but it was also used as a way to spread publicity about the events occurring during this festive and entertaining weekend.


Under the rules of this contest, the poster could contain a maximum of three colors, not including white, and it was better if the poster used as few colors as possible. Additionally, the poster had to include several pieces of essential information such as the words Winter Carnival, Middlebury College, Vermont, and the date.


Once the designs were completed, they would be submitted to a panel of judges who would critique the ideas based on originality, clarity, simplicity, and eye-catching appeal.  As a reward for creating the best poster, the winner of this contest received a combination ticket to all of the events during that year’s Winter Carnival.


Below is a sampling of winning designs from Middlebury’s Winter Carnival poster competitions.



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