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Ice Show



During the early years of Middlebury’s Winter Carnival the ice show was held on the women’s ice skating rink but later moved into the field house.  The ice show was the first major event of the weekend because, prior to the beginning of the ice skating performances, it was a tradition to hold the coronation of the carnival king and queen.  The carnival could not begin until the royalty was crowned by the president of the college.  Because the coronation of the king and queen was highly anticipated, huge crowds were attracted to the ice show.  Following this presentation, the attendees would be impressed by graceful ice skating performances that usually dealt with a particular theme.



The ice show was performed and organized by Middlebury students as well as townspeople, therefore causing the students to become more connected with those in the community.  Additionally, because the ice show was a combination of sporting and cultural events, it served as a great representation of what the Winter Carnival weekend was all about.



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