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Throughout this website, one will find information and stories relating to the many events and traditions of Middlebury College’s annual Winter Carnival, which formally began in 1934.  The Winter Carnival has become one of the most popular and extravagant events of the year at Middlebury and has continued to be a great source of publicity for the college.  Not only does the weekend feature sporting events such as skiing, basketball, hockey, and snowshoeing, but it also has cultural events including the Carnival Ball, Klondike Rush, snow sculpting contest, ice show, poster competition, and Carnival play.  Even though several aspects of Middlebury’s Winter Carnival have changed over time, this significant tradition of the college continues to have an influential effect on the student body, administration, alumni, and other people throughout the country.


*Click here for more insight into the origins of Winter Carnival at Middlebury College.


Additionally, we would like to acknowledge Holly Allen, Karl Lindholm, and Andy Wentink for their assistance.

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