Qi Gong Film Endorsements

I didn’t realize how much tension I was carrying in my body prior to trying Qi Gong. Here I was sitting and hunching over a computer all day, yet wondering why I was feeling so sluggish. Lee’s videos are a great reminder of the importance of the body and how adaptive it is – a few minutes of breathing and stretching and I feel refreshed and ready to take on my day! 

Amy Nguyen, Graduate Student, Development Practice and Policy, The Middlebury Institute of International Studies (MIIS)

I was first exposed to Qi Gong in a Women’s Human Rights course with Nukhet Kardam. At first, I was really confused as to why we were stretching, holding poses, and meditating before starting class. I quickly learned how beneficial it was for us to do this. It calmed students down before presentations, helped us focus for the whole class, and generally just lifted the energy and spirit of a class with difficult topics. I continued with my Qi Gong experience by using the Whole Body Intelligence link provided by Middlebury and the Fund For Innovation. I’ve even converted my boyfriend and mom into trying Qi Gong with me. After having a session with Qi Gong expert Lee Holden, many neck problems I was experiencing left my body. I was hooked! I’ve been using the Relax and Clear Stress 20 minute Qi Gong video every week since Nukhet and Andrea opened my heart and mind to this amazing ancient art of Qi Gong.

Rebecca Sher, Graduate Student, Masters in Public Administration, MIIS

The Embodied Intelligence videos provide a number of tools for energizing, relaxing and connecting with the body.  They have provided an excellent complement to my tai chi and meditation practices, and I have been able to incorporate a number of the movements into my daily routines.

Erin Quinn, Director of Athletics, Middlebury College

I was excited to see that the Embodiment series was bringing Lee Holden to campus as I was familiar with his work. My meditation group had used his Qi Gong videos previously. I attended his Thursday evening lecture, which was revitalizing after a long day at work. I was also able to join the Qi Gong workshop off campus, which was a fabulous way to learn from a master and re-energize my personal practice. Thank you for bringing these events to campus!

Patricia Szasz, Assistant Dean for Language & Professional Programs, MIIS


Qi Gong, for me, has provided the missing link between yoga and sitting mindfulness practice. I had tried both, but I needed something gentler than daily yoga due to shoulder injuries that make traditional poses pretty taxing. I also needed movement to help me ground myself on the days when I already felt stir-crazy from a students’ life of sitting. The Embodied Intelligence site, with the energizing and calming practice videos, has benefitted me many a morning before class, and many a moment when I need to reset a stale brain and body.   

Alexandra Muck ’18, Literary Studies Major, secondary education certification, Middlebury College  

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