Have you wondered what’s behind the “adult coloring book” craze? Recent studies have indicated that coloring may have many wellness benefits because it allows our minds to wander and engages our creativity to help solve problems. Though mind-wandering is sometimes seen as a distraction, some researchers view it as a strategy to make space for “creative incubation” which, Josh Davis of the Harvard Business Review says, can help us to sort through tough challenges and encourage planning for the future. Researchers from one study noted:

“Creative discoveries result from a process whereby initial conscious thought is followed by a period during which one refrains from task-related conscious thought. For example, one may spend an embarrassing amount of time thinking about a problem when the solution suddenly pops into consciousness while taking a shower.”

Ready to try coloring as a fun approach to mind-wandering? You can find adult-oriented (meaning, you won’t be coloring pictures of Winnie the Pooh or Spiderman) in bookstores, craft shops, and online.