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Student Government Association (SGA)

Stakeholder Contact: Bobby Joe Smith ’09
Website: http://middsga.wordpress.com/ and http://www.middlebury.edu/about/handbook/governance/Student_Government_Association_(SGA).htm
WebRedo Contact: Ryan Kellett and Pooja Shahani


  • SGA Communication: there is a need to communicate with the student body on a regular basis. Currently, the SGA communicates via email with weekly all-student updates.
  • Advertisements/Alerts: student organizations have a need to advertise events beyond just putting the event on a web calendar. The SGA requests ways to push multimedia advertisements to students in a variety of ways both online and possibly offline.
  • Student Initiative: the new website should allow room for students to add their own content and welcome new student-created features.
  • Student Organizations: these organizations have both internal communication among members but also want to recruit new members/students to the club. Student orgs need the tools to easily build their own website and share information/documents.
  • Constitution Committee: need to display 120+ text-based constitutions. Constitutions need to be easily updated with new information and officer lists. (preferably CMS based — so outsiders can find info).
  • Feedback: SGA often needs to collect feedback from students. Forms or surveys work. Easy access to that information is important.
  • Rideboard, craigslist-selling space, textbook exchange

Center for Teaching and Learning Resources

Stakeholder: Susan Campbell and Kathy Skubowski

Website: http://www.middlebury.edu/administration/ctlr/

WebRedo Contact: Renee Brown


  • We regularly use Banner, library, blog for writing tutors, servers, Outlook, and Entourage. Would like to be able to share documents, photos, video, blogs, email, RSS feeds
  • Search/navigation: lack of consolidation. Would like a way to centralize material or link from one location–even if you’re good at finding information, it shouldn’t be difficult to do.
  • There seem to be lengthy delays and lack of timely response to requests for new channels and the possibility of a bottleneck in authorizing and approving requests for new or more web content.
  • The ability to look at the Master Schedule without having to go through someone else is very valuable.
  • Our course management tool is not easy to find on the College web site.


  • Would like to offer short questions and self-paced tests to students as part of the tutoring program but there is no easy way to do this despite the fact that other institutions have this facility. In Math, there are symbol/equation issues, but nonetheless, we should have a built in online testing capability.  Emphasized the desirability of being to work with such a tool without any intermediation by tech folks.
  • Noted the lengthy delays and lack of timely response to requests for new channels, etc.  Also mentioned the possibility of a bottleneck in authorizing and approving requests for new or more web content.
  • The possibility of integrating AccuTrack more into Banner.
  • Having a web designer help with setting up the original structure and organization would be helpful.
  • If there was tracking program that the web admins could run to see where the hits to a particular department are going, it would facilitate the organization of the site. The general sense is that students have difficulty finding information and without information about how people are navigating the CTLR site, it is difficult to know how to improve the organization of information.
  • When on a site, having drop down menus are a comfort, providing glimpses as to the result of clicking on a link and a sense of how the site is organized. Also, shows a variety of options.
  • Hamilton’s teaching/learning site (http://www.hamilton.edu/writing/index.html) is very well laid out. Was searching for oral presentation skills and had no problem logically navigating.
  • Like the idea of having a customized home page, that is optional, but would be most helpful to permit a unique home base for each user.