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Judy Mayer on paragraph 19

Having an interactive student/alumni section would be very helpful for our dept.

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Posted January 29, 2009  9:43 am
Jason Mittell on paragraph 21

Rosters would be restricted to faculty/coordinators, just as they are now in Banner. I do think that it would be nice to have a feature to permit registered students to have access to the roster as well, as often they don’t know each others’ names.

As for lists of majors, there are plusses and minuses, although privacy law might trump.

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Posted January 28, 2009  9:11 pm
Joanna Shipley on paragraph 21

Re the suggestion of having a list of current majors on the site… I’d be uncomfortable with lists of majors or course rosters being viewable by the general public, but don’t know what the policy actually is. (Seems like a potential privacy issue… but I could be wrong..)

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Posted January 28, 2009  6:04 pm
Joanna Shipley on paragraph 16

re: Par 16 – Yes – I agree it would be desireable for the new system not be limited to IE as the only supported browser.

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Posted January 28, 2009  5:55 pm
Joanna Shipley on paragraph 6

To add to the items in either Curriculum or Resources – beyond “independent project guidelines” – we’d need a section for Research in the Sciences that could incorporate our Independent Study/Senior Research info, thesis titles, and more. And when it happens, perhaps include the department’s Senior Work requirements in the same section…

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Posted January 28, 2009  5:51 pm
Peter Hamlin on the whole section

Nice work, Renee and Jason. Thanks!

Some comments from me:

I think an additional category of “department needs” for music would be ensembles (which includes musicals) and applied faculty.

I think the principle reason why we “underuse” web sites is time. This is also why web sites (like mine) aren’t interesting — I need to put something up quickly, I do know how to make a more interesting interactive site but don’t have the time to do it. I tend to shoot for a site that serves the purpose with the least need for tweaking.

Alumni profiles yes!!!!! Perhaps also links with almuni office so when students update their info, they don’t have to do it several separate times (or not realize one part of the web has an old version). This is a challenge, though — it’s easy to forget about alumni pages and realize some of the entries are 10 years old and you don’t have a quick way to get in touch with the person to get it updated.

I really want to have more audio on the music dept web site, but live concerts usually sound a lot worse when heard as recordings. If you saw the concert they are a good record, if you are a visitor you might think the ensemble sounds worse than it does. So I’ve been a little nervous about this. Slight flaws in recording, for example, can make the recording seem amateurish by comparison to professional recordings. There is some concern about rights, too.

With those caveats, though, yes, we would love to have more of an audio/vidio presence for music performances.

When i started here in 2004, I didn’t like Segue — it was awkward to use, and not flexible. Not sure if the new version would work better for me. I’ve used Dreamweaver which is easy to update and administer. i hope you will give a lot of choice about authoring tools — it can make a big difference whether someone enjoys messing around with their web site or not!

18 is good!

21 is good too — nice thought to have interconnected information, dynamic information, etc.

This is all really excellent. I’ll end with the comment on time again. Anything that lets us do things efficiently is good! (I.e. dynamic information links).

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Posted January 28, 2009  5:42 pm