Dates through the summer

Below are the milestone dates for the Web Makeover up until the launch of the Monterey site.  Plan your summer accordingly!

May 13, White Whale delivers Monterey top-level IA recommendations
May 21, Monterey accepts top-level IA
May 18, White Whale delivers Strategic Recommendations
May 28, White Whale delivers Monterey complete site map
May 29, Middlebury acceptance of Strategic Recommendations
June 1, DIY ‘workbook’ for Review & Revision of IA & Content
June 3, White Whale delivers Graphic Standards
June 7, Middlebury responds to Graphic Standards
June 9, White Whale delivers Monterey design
June 23, Monterey homepage design finalized
June 30, White Whale delivers Monterey Content Recommendations
July 15, Middlebury delivers 400 stories
July 8, White Whale delivers designs for all Monterey templates
July 17, White Whale delivers top-level IA Recommendations
July 23, White Whale delivers Middlebury design
August 15, Live beta-launch of Monterey site
September 1, Middlebury finalizes homepage (+ top-tier) designs
September 1, Monterey site launches

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