Middlebury and Monterey select White Whale as Web makeover partner

We are pleased to announce that we have chosen White Whale Web Services (http://whitewhale.net/) of Oakland, California, to be our design and information architecture partner for the Middlebury Web makeover project. We believe White Whale has the right combination of skills, experience and vision to meet our demanding requirements. Their process and resulting products have proven to be creative, user-centric, and highly customized to meet the unique needs of the institutions they work with.

We came to this decision through an open, collaborative process that included input from all those who attended the open vendor presentations both in-person and via webcast in Monterey. We are committed to continuing this transparency as we move into the next phase of the project. And we are certain that our new partners will bring fresh ideas to further engage the broad Middlebury community in the process of reinventing our website.

We are working quickly to map out the next phase of our project and are still committed to our aggressive timeline. Stay tuned as we will be in touch soon to talk about what comes next. And all of us really appreciate the useful feedback that many of you provided to us. I know that we have many challenges ahead of us as we move into this phase, and many unanswered questions. Rest assured that there will be ample opportunity to talk through these challenges, and that we will do all that we can to ensure that the project has the resources it needs to succeed.

Save the dates: White Whale’s full Web team will make its first visit to Monterey on April 2, and will be on the Middlebury campus April 27-29. More information on the schedule to come soon. 

Best wishes,

Mike Roy
Dean of Library and Information Services
on behalf of the Web makeover coordinating committee


3 Responses to “Middlebury and Monterey select White Whale as Web makeover partner”

  1. Hi everyone,

    I just wanted to leave a comment here to let everyone know how excited we are to start working with Middlebury. Please try to set aside some time to meet us during our April 27-29 visit; there should be plenty of open Q&A time set aside.

    – Jason Pontius, White Whale

  2. In case it is of interest to anyone working on IA for our site, Slide Presentations from the ASIS&T Information Architecture Summit 2009 are available here:

    This event took place at the beginning of March in Memphis.

  3. Have you see the new sea lion park they’re putting in near the wharf? I tried to take a few pics but they didn’t come out 🙁

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