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The Team

Middlebury Men’s Water Polo is a collegeiate club team that plays in the Collegiate Water Polo Asociacion’s New England Division. The season starts on the Saturday before school starts and runs through the end of October, either at League Championships or Nationals. We practice 5 days per week during the two-month fall season, maintaining varsity-level intensity. The team plays in two in-leauge and one non-league tournament each year, traveling around the East Coast and Canada. We finish the season with a league championship tournament and try to qualify for the league’s national championships.

We are a team of 15-20 guys who play to win, but also to have fun. We have dinner as a team every night and travel together during the season.

We are working on expanding our alumni network and soon we will have a better way for alumni to stay in touch with the team. For now, keep updated by reading our blog and results pages.

Men’s Water Polo Roster 2013-2014

Barnes, Dan (2015)
Benscheidt, Kevin (2017)
Brooke, Alexander Ludlow (2014.5)
Daly, William Conor (2015)
Epstein, Jacob (2016)
Garfield, Bailey Sanborn (2017)
Gerard, Paul (2014)
Harper, Blake (2015)
Janson, Jeremy (2014)
Jones, Elijah Braden (2015)
Li, Patrick (2014.5)
Markusen, Jack (2014)
Rowett, Brian (2016)
Schiff, Adam (2015)
Shaw, Rob (2015)
Strayer, Ethan (2015.5)
Taterra, Dominik (2017)
Viellieu, Jack Kennelly (2017)
Weaver, Ben (2016)
Whelan, Frederick Joseph (2016)

The Coaches

Brian Goodwin – Head Coach

Coach Brian Goodwin is the head coach of the Middlebury College water polo program, and was named the 2003 Coach of the Year. A native Canadian, Coach Goodwin has been involved in the sport as both player and coach for over thirty years. A starting varsity player in college, his team advanced to several National Championship tournaments reaching as high as a second place finish. He coached at the varsity level for eight years before moving to the United States where he took the helm of the Middlebury program. At Middlebury, Coach Goodwin has led both the men’s and women’s teams from their inception, developing both into competitive clubs in the New England Club division of the Collegiate Water Polo Association. Coach Goodwin was recognized at the end of the 2001 men’s season as the CWPA New England Club Division Coach-of-the-Year and as the 2002 Division III Club Men’s National Championships Coach-of-the-Tournament.

Tom McGinn – Assistant Coach

Tom McGinn played water polo at St Francis Prep, Brooklyn NY and the University of Massachusetts.  Tom is a Project Manager in the Facilities Services Department at Middlebury College and has held the Assistant Coach position for the College’s men’s and women’s teams since 2006.



Left: Tom McGinn. Right: Brian Goodwin


The Sport

Water polo is a team water sport. The playing team consists of six field players and one goalkeeper. The winner of the game is the team that scores the most goals. Game play involves swimming, treading water (using a sort of kicking motion known as “eggbeater kick”), players passing the ball while being defended by opponents, and scoring by throwing the ball into a net defended by a goalie. ‘Man-up’ (or ‘power play’) situations occur frequently.

For more on the history of Water Polo, see the CWPA website.

You can read and download the official NCAA Rulebook.

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