How is social policy shaped and implemented at the national level?

How do we address the sharp divide on the issues of our time? 

These are the guiding questions of this year’s Alternative Spring Break Trip to Washington D.C. While in D.C., students will meet with a wide range of secular and faith-based NGOs representing a broad swath of the political spectrum. This is a unique opportunity for them to speak with people who may hold similar or very different social views than their own, as we all learn to speak across difference and gain perspective in a rapidly changing political landscape.

We invite you to come along on this journey by following this blog and invite you to engage with these questions at our post-trip program on Wed., April 5 at 4:30pm  in Wilson Hall (McCullough Student Center).   Come early — seating is limited.  Refreshments will be served.

This trip and program were made possible by generous gifts from: Cookie Tager ’66 (LS), Les Blau ’69, Charlie & Marie Kireker, The Scott Center for Spiritual & Religious Life and Middlebury College.