Liberal Arts Archive

The below archive was gathered after searching for articles in the Vermont Life magazine archive that mention the “liberal arts.” These are articles that mention the liberal arts education in a significant way, not all articles about liberal arts colleges. The articles are listed in chronological order.

Lee, W. Storrs. “Middlebury: Patron of the Liberal Arts.” Vermont Life, Summer, 1947.

Robinson, Duane. “Sesquicentennial at Middlebury.” Vermont Life, Summer, 1950.

Hennefrun, William. “Green Mountain Junior College.” Vermont Life, Spring, 1952.

Donoghue, John. “St. Michael’s College: An outstanding Vermont institution celebrates its Golden

     Anniversary.” Vermont Life,  Autumn, 1954.

Smith, Margaret. “Learning Languages in a Summer Setting.” Vermont Life, Summer, 1960.

Stephens, Isabel. “Colleges in Transition.” Vermont Life, Autumn, 1968.

Lipke, William. “An exciting new mountain campus provides a strong partner for the students at

     Johnson State College in their life-learning experience. Vermont Life, Summer, 1971.

Downs, Virginia. “Despite occasional troubles and a threatened demolition Lyndon State College

     is here to stay.” Vermont Life, Autumn, 1974.

Wolkomir, Joyce and Richard Wolkomir. “Craftsbury Common’s Sterling School.” Vermont Life, Winter, 1976.

Donoghue, John. “Saint Michael’s at Seventy-five.” Vermont Life, Spring, 1980.

“Half a century of educational innovation and excellence: Bennington College.” Vermont Life,

     Autumn, 1980.

Taft Jr., Philip. “Small But Spirited: Marlboro College Has a Story to Tell.” Vermont Life, Autumn, 1982.

Shinn, Peggy. “Free time in…Middlebury.” Vermont Life, Autumn, 2012. 

Slayton, Tom. “Transformation 101: How higher education revived Royalton.” Vermont Life, Spring 2009.