Pick up a copy of Vermont Life magazine and you are likely to find an article on one of the state’s many institutions of higher education. From just after the Second World War through 2018, Vermont Life chronicled collegiate Vermont, capturing the role institutions played in the state’s economy, communities, and way of life.

The aim of this website is to be an introduction to Vermont Life’s coverage of higher education. After an examination of all articles mentioning the word “college,” we identified two areas of focus, themes that run the course of the magazine: pitching the benefits of a liberal arts education and the way in which institutions of higher education engage with their local communities.

Inside, you will find observations found after a two-month-long examination of these two areas of focus in the form of two timelines, which can be accessed via the “The Liberal Arts Oasis” and “Engaging Communities” tabs above. Our timelines run nearly the entire stretch of the magazine, and aim to illustrate how Vermont Life’s coverage of higher education changed over time. Each timeline is accompanied by an archive (See the “Archives” tab) comprised of articles related to that theme. This website strives to serve merely as an introduction to these topics, and as a resource for those who may want to dig further. Begin here: An Overview of “College” Coverage in Vermont Life.