Children Living in Poverty In Vermont

How is Poverty Being Addressed?

Currently, Vermont is working in a number of ways to address the problem of children living in poverty including making child care more accessible for low-income families. Children of low-income households often don’t have access to child-care services that are developmentally beneficial, but of the over 1400 programs in Vermont, over 1/3 offer financial assistance. The Department for Children and Families in Vermont reports that programs such as the Registered Home Program and the Early Childhood program keep rates low and seek outside funding in order to subsidize fees and provide quality learning for all children regardless of financial status. Families are even offered the option of trading services such as cleaning or repairs to help cover the payment. The Vermont council is also actively working on implementing their 10-year strategy for reducing child poverty.  This long-term strategy is designed with the purpose of improving the odds for children to grow up into healthy, educated, and successful adults. Goals of this strategy include mending the safety net to prevent middle-class families from sliding in to poverty, keeping children away from malnutrition, and giving every child the opportunity to reach their academic potential

Specific Actions Being Taken in Vermont:

Child Tax Credit: Low income famlies may file a refundable credit of up to $1,005 per year for 2 or more children.

-School Lunch Programs- Children from low income families may qualify for free lunch

-Crisis Fuel Program- Provides assistance for home heating fuel purchases for families under 150% of the poverty line

-Home Program- Federal program that provides subsidized housing for low income families

Get Involved!

By joining “Voices for Vermont’s Children” you will have the opportunity to receive information that will allow you to make an informed effort to help end child poverty in Vermont in a number of ways. Voices for Vermont’s Children advocates during the legislative season in order to promote policies that will better the lives of children in Vermont

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