MLP 2023

Womxn’s Ultimate

Lauren Gemery

Lauren “LSAT” Gemery is a force to be reckoned with. She reserves all the vans six months in advance because she is just that good of a president.

Favorite cheese: that’s one secret you’ll never know.


Mady Lander

Mady “NASA” Lander is a West Virginia raised regular country girl. She hopes to one day find her lost rural king hat and true love. She is one of the field captains.

Favorite Activity: lifting bro


Niamh Carty

Niamh “Clem” Carty has recently undergone a transformation from social captain to field captain. She is stoked about this career change and can’t wait to bring what she learned in that position to the field.

Biggest Accomplishment: Worm Party


Kamryn You Mak

Kamryn “Kam” “Fire Me Up” “Huge D” You Mak is a DIII defensive legend. Though she will not be here in the fall, that will not stop her from training hard. Keep your eyes pealed.

Favorite Activity: doing stuff off campus


Camila Paris

Camila “Coach” Paris ain’t afraid to have a good time, which is good since she’s our lil Party Captain this year. Get ready for some carefully planned bonding MGLP.

Favorite Thing: Planning ‘Tivities


MGP 2022

Men’s Ultimate

Walker Frankenberg

Walker loves Piña Coladas and getting caught in the rain.

Favorite Band: The one that plays Radioactive


Leo Sovell-Fernandez

Leo “Creek” Sovell-Fernandez’s blood runs prankster pink.

Favorite Actor/Actress: Candace


Ben Morris

Ben “BMO” Morris is as tall as he is loving, and shows that through his annual re-seeding of the Frisbee field, the Dank.

Favorite Team Ethos: Love, Intellect, Grit, Maturation, and Accomplish