MLP 2023

Womxn’s Ultimate

Lauren Gemery

Lauren “LSAT” Gemery is a force to be reckoned with. She reserves all the vans six months in advance because she is just that good of a president.

Favorite cheese: That’s one secret you’ll never know.


Mady Lander

Mady “NASA” Lander is a West Virginia raised regular country girl. She hopes to one day find her lost rural king hat and true love. She is one of the field captains.

Favorite Activity: Lifting bro


Niamh Carty

Niamh “Clem” Carty has recently undergone a transformation from social captain to field captain. She is stoked about this career change and can’t wait to bring what she learned in that position to the field.

Biggest Accomplishment: Worm Party


Kamryn You Mak

Kamryn “Kam” “Fire Me Up” “Huge D” You Mak is a DIII defensive legend. Though she will not be here in the fall, that will not stop her from training hard. Keep your eyes pealed.

Favorite Activity: Doing stuff off campus


Camila Paris

Camila “Coach” Paris ain’t afraid to have a good time, which is good since she’s our lil Party Captain this year. Get ready for some carefully planned bonding MGLP.

Favorite Thing: Planning ‘Tivities


MGP 2023

Men’s Ultimate

Max Hanscom

Max “Sunshine” Hanscom is one of the leading rock experts on campus. His love of sediment is only second to Frisbee and Horseys. Being one of the field captains he hopes to one day train a horse to play frisbee for the team.

Favorite Country: Broncos Country


Raffi Najarian

Raffi “Raffi Bomb” Najarian has the most sculpted quads this side of the Mississippi. This man will have you saying awooooogah the moment you lay eyes on him, and you should keep your eye on him because he’s one of the field captains.

Favorite Store: Home Depot


Malachi Raymond

Malachi “Malachi” Raymond is stepping away from his position as the MGP coach to return to the pitch for a soon to be highlight filled season. After suffering a difficult injury he’s coming back stronger than ever with a 315 back squat and a hunger to play some disc. He is one of the field captains.

Blood Type: A+


Ethan Lavallee

Ethan “Batman” Lavallee is the d-line handler we needed not the one we deserved (we probably should’ve gotten someone better). Bman is the newly appointed party captain we’ll see if he can step up to the mantle.

Favorite Superhero: Spider-man


Matthew Koplowitz

Matthew “Pesto” Koplowitz just came back from a summer abroad with a new look and a new passion to play some frisbee. No longer pushing his hair forward but deciding for a sleek slicked back look our spirit captain is looking ready for his new role.

Astrological Sign: Gemini