Women’s Ultimate

Rebecca Wishnie

Know as Pooh Bear 🐻 Captain

rwishnie (at) midd

Adrienne Goldstein

I’m Adrienne and I like frisbee but I’m not a hardo 😉 but I am a Captain

ahgoldstein (at) midd

Tara Santi

President at 22 beat that!

tsanti (at) midd


Men’s Ultimate

Kai DeLorenzo

Blip blom bloom there goes Captain Kai (he’s a feb)

kjdelorenzo (at) midd

Zach Levitt

Zeus the lord of the heavens??? (maybe also a feb who knows…mystery) No wait!!!…

Captain of the heavens

zlevitt (at) midd

Adin Insoft

Um um um um what would we do without Logistics Captain Adin? Serious question!

ainsoft (at) midd