The Proposals and Presentations

I’ve created a series of three blog posts on the presentations and the proposals for Turf Battle. I’ve also included some of my own thoughts on them, as well as some of the other thoughts I heard and wrote down, including discussions in our Landscape department. I’m sure I missed many good comments from the presentations, though, so hopefully the commenters will write.

I am certainly no expert. Heck, I don’t even take my own opinions with more than a grain or two of salt. I am, however, hoping to spark discussion of these three proposals in the comments section of each post, as well as comments attached to this post on possible collaboration between the plans. Many people have approached me about possible collaboration, and this is the first step. Please write with whatever ideas or comments you may have, or email me directly.

Overall, I am very impressed with all three proposals. I think back to my days studying landscape design, and how I wish we had more projects that were applicable and destined for the real world, rather than thought experiments that never left the classroom. All of these plans have their strengths and weaknesses, but any of them are great solutions for the space. I am once again amazed by the creativity of Middlebury students.

Each of the posts will link to a PDF of the proposal, as well as the Power Point of the presentation given Tuesday night. The Master Plan Implementation Committee will be meeting in the next week or two to decide on a plan of action, so any and all comments are welcome, appreciated, and needed.

The Blog Posts—

The Garden of Scholarly Delights

The Lee-Rosenblatt Proposal

The Catalano/Madson/Moritz Proposal





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