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An Early Holiday Present

In the middle of finals week (remember that?) I received an email from Sarah Jane Simmonds, ’11. For Professor Andrea Murray’s Architecture and the Environment class she looked at the Atwater Design Project as part of her course final, and she sent me some JPG’s of the site plan analysis and solutions she submitted. These are an excellent resource, and I thank her profusely for providing them for us.

Shown below are the JPG’s of the project. Clicking on the picture will load the full size version, but be forewarned, most are about 3MB, so if your connection over break isn’t as fast as campus you may want to go get some eggnog. I thought about it, and decided not to post the overlays of the solutions. While they were excellent, I didn’t want to prejudice anybody’s thinking on the project. I am sure if you are stuck or looking for inspiration she would be more than willing to email them to you.

Atwater Site Plan and Analysis

Zone 1 Concerns

Zone 2 Concerns

Zone 3 Concerns

Zone 4 Concerns