Help is Available

I’ve done several site visits now, and have corresponded with others, and everybody is asking about help.

We are here for you.

While we do want finished plans for the space, something significantly better than a little sketch on the back of a torn envelope, we also aren’t expecting anyone to produce buildable CAD documents either. (Although, feel free!) The guidelines for what we are looking for can actually be thought of in simple terms-you are selling you’re idea to us, the Master Plan Implementation Committee. Your plans need to clearly and thoughtfully get across the ideas you have for the space, and be accurate enough to prove that they will work.

Bente Madson has graciously offered help, she helps run the Architecture Table. They have a dinner meeting every Thursday from 6:30-7:30 in LaForce Seminar Room 121. If you can’ t make it, you can always email

Also don’t forget the list of advisors. And I’mĀ availableĀ as well-while I don’t have a slow time of year, it’s quite a bit easier for me to meet now that the growing season is over. I’m also a little speedier by email now as well.

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