The Atwater Area Maps

The resources page lists some maps that are available to be downloaded concerning the site.

Obviously, the first map to look at would be the boundary areas of the project itself. The aerial photograph is from a larger version taken in the summer of 2006. The boundary line, to an extent, is somewhat flexible. For example, we’ve not included the Atwater parking lot. Past experience with a planting island there was poor at best and the planting was eliminated. But do you have a better idea? Make a case and include it! Conversely, you may not need to design the entire area, or may want to leave an area untouched. Spaces that should be left out of the design competition are simply the Atwater Dining Roof (a work in progress, but starting to come into itself) and the wood line to the north of the project boundary, as this is a very important buffer zone with the neighbors on Murdock Court.

The most important maps for this project, however, are the Campus Base Maps. The underground of the Middlebury campus is a teeming mass of steam lines, electrical power, communications, storm drains, sewers, even some old lines on the older part of campus that ran a bell system. No project on campus begins without a trip to the campus base maps. A key is provided at the base of each one and questions about them can be answered by Luther Tenny. Also listed are two older revisions of the base maps. These include topographic lines, left off of the newer revisions for clarity. Both maps should only be used for reference. (Those of you who are GIS-inclined may email for rectified versions.)

Another map included is part of the campus tree map. A larger version of this, with more tree information, is available here.

Other maps and resources may be included in upcoming posts as well. If someone finds a really cool geological map of the area, let me know.

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