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We’re shifting away from readings about the social issues portrayed on The Wire toward readings on the show itself. Note that it’s hard to find readings that don’t contain any reference to things we’ve yet to seen, so you may want to read with a “mental fast-forward” when you see a reference to future events. I’ve tried to avoid sequencing anything too early that contains major spoilers, but there will be minor references at times.

Please post comments here on what you’ve read and whether you agree or disagree with various authors’ arguments.

What might a new day mean for fictionalized Baltimore?

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Gotta wonder how much safer Baltimore would be without Herc!

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More links between the different spheres of the city.

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We have a winner…

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A place to share thoughts about Phillipe Bourgois’s book…

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School is in session.

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Time to look at a new generation.

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