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For the final project in the course, choose a keyword that interests you, and create a research-driven project about the intersection of that term and The Wire. Your keyword can be a social issue (like “drugs,” “cities,” or “race”), a theme (“war,” “reform,” or “progress”), or an aspect of the show (like “fiction,” “journalism,” or “representation”). You should choose a keyword that both speaks to your own interests and experiences, and that seems to resonate with your viewing of the show.

Your project can take the form of a research essay, or a multimedia project. If you choose an essay, it should be 2,500 – 3,000 words and explicitly draw upon research materials using footnotes in Chicago style. While your research plan needs to be specifically suited to your topic, you should use at least 3 secondary sources to support your analysis. Although class readings might be quite helpful to your project, your research needs to draw upon sources beyond the assigned readings.

If you choose to do a multimedia project, you should consult with Prof. Mittell about your plan. The goal is to present an argument and analysis supported by research, regardless of the medium used to deliver the ideas. In your proposal, you need to detail how you’ll craft your argument and how the multimedia form will most effectively convey those ideas.

Proposals are due to Prof. Mittell via email by April 15 – the sooner you send the proposal, the sooner you’ll get feedback. A proposal needs to identify your keyword, outline your argument and research plan (including at least two sources you’ll draw upon), and clarify how your project will accomplish the goals of the assignment. If you plan to do a multimedia project, your proposal should explain how it will be structured and formatted.

The essay is due via email by noon on May 14 – graduating seniors are encouraged to submit the essay earlier if possible. Remember to include the honor code. Post any questions about the assignment below. Good luck!

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