Podcasting Lectures – Prof. James Morrison

Technology Used: Podcasting
Course: PS0304 International Political Economy (Spring 2009)
Number of Students: 31
Objectives: To better serve the students and democratize education.
Anticipated Learning Outcomes: Better retention and understanding
Actual Learning Outcomes: Some on both fronts

Summary of Poster Session: James Morrison explained how he uses podcasts to record his lectures so that after class, students can review the lectures. “Students can double check difficult, complicated concepts; Overcome language barriers; Get Missed Material. ** Note: My podcasting had no noticeable influence on lecture attendance! **“.   Additionally, anyone from around the world can listen to his lectures. The lectures can be found on his course website: http://sites.middlebury.edu/ipespring09/

How to Podcast:

(1) Record the Audio
(2) Upload the Audio
(3) Publicize the files’ location

Advanced Podcasting:

Create Podcasts with Album Art & Meta Data
Integration with Middblogs
Distribute via iTunes Store


Uses » Audio » Record/edit/format audio, Share series of audio files (i.e. podcast)

Tools » Audacity, Voice Recorders, Microphones, iPods

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