Research, Independent Inquiry and the Library

2:10 – 3:00 Concurrent Session
More than a checklist: Confronting the obstacles to independent inquiry in the classroom 
(facilitated by Allison DiBianca Fasoli, Carrie Macfalane and Shawna Shapiro)

More than a checklist (Take-Aways)
Research Skills of Incoming Students

Librarians and Library Support

Librarians are excited to talk with you about library and technology support for your teaching and research. We will be available during the syllabus workshops, at all meals, and throughout the retreat whenever you’re available! We will have printed copies of some of the handouts below.

Research & Technology Skills of Incoming Middlebury Students [.pdf]
For the past few years, the Library has surveyed the incoming class of first-year students. This one-page summary highlights some of our findings.

Research & Writing Assignments: Library Support [.pdf]
Sample research and writing assignments, and how librarians can help.

Research & Writing Assignments: More Ideas [.pdf]
Like the sample research and writing assignments in the handout above? This handout has more of them.

Research Workshops
What’s a research workshop, why and how to request one.

Library Liaisons
If you have a question about library or technology, please feel welcome to contact your departmental librarian.

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