Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning

“POGIL is based on research indicating that a) teaching by telling does not work for most students, b) students who are part of an interactive community are more likely to be successful, and c) knowledge is personal; students enjoy themselves more and develop greater ownership over the material when they are given an opportunity to construct their own understanding.” – POGIL.org


This group will support faculty discussion of POGIL assignment design and usage in the classroom. Experienced and novice practitioners are encouraged to attend. We look forward to working together to examine how POGIL can be used to expose students to new concepts in different ways.

Email Heather Stafford (hstafford@middlebury.edu) to be added to this group and receive future communications sharing meetings and resources.

Upcoming Meetings

Updates coming soon!


POGIL.org – general information, resources, and workshops can be found on this site which provides professional development for educators on the use and benefits of POGIL in the classroom.

Articles about POGIL – a list of references (delineated by discipline) from the POGIL.org site.