Improving the Faculty Research Culture

We seek to improve the research culture on campus and to increase support for faculty scholarship and creative work. Liberal arts colleges like Middlebury have a stake in promoting faculty research because it is part of the identity and mission of institutions of higher education, because it enhances recruitment and retention of faculty, and because it leads to important synergies between scholarship and teaching including the potential involvement of undergraduates in faculty research projects and the continual enhancement of the undergraduate curriculum.  We also seek to break down what we often see as the false divide between “research” and “teaching” but instead to support faculty research in ways not at odds with teaching, and in many instances, as a way to create synergy between the two.

Faculty Sponsor:

Jessica Teets


Ian Barrow Erik Bleich Matt Kimble Orion Lewis
Jason Mittell Jeff Munroe Caitlin Myers Emily Proctor
John Schmitt Jeremy Ward

 Next Meeting:

Monday April 25 from 9 – 10 am in the CTLR Lounge.

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