A Response to the Millennial Generation

We are a new generation that can sometimes be thought of as foreign to those that came before, seeing as the technology of a new generation can elude people from the one before. We have our own jargon and our own niche. While “back in the day” to my grandpa can mean back in the early 1940’s in a shtetl in Poland, when they had one telephone that the whole town had to share and take turns using, the same phrase means back when cell phones were giant blocks of plastic and the only games you could get on them were the original black and white version of “Snake”. The differentiations between generations are huge as the generations grow farther apart, but some closer generations or age groups seem foreign to me as well, which is something that wasn’t brought up.

There are always fads, and many of them are comparable to one another, but even kids that are 7 to 8 years younger than me are into things that I cannot for the life of me comprehend. For instance, what is WITH the new vampire craze? I will be the first to admit that I watched the first season of True Blood and enjoyed its seductive and fun qualities, but why is EVERYTHING that is coming out now related to vampires and werewolves. I think that this lack of understanding form my part can be decidedly attributed to age difference. I wouldn’t call it a generational gap, since people less than ten years younger than me can still be accepted as my generation, but I would instead label it an inter-generational gap.

Here are some things I just don’t understand:

  • The appeal of Justin Bieber and why he already has a biopic
  • The obsession with speaking like the kids in this music video:

  • Why someone as annoying as Miley Cyrus is popular

I guess maybe these are just my opinions, but I think an inter-generational millennial generation dispersion should be taken into consideration. In my opinion, this could be because technology is changing so fast that the fads are changing with more rapidity along with them.

2 thoughts on “A Response to the Millennial Generation

  1. Mark Whelan

    I may be acting as a looney Devil’s advocate here, but I kind of see this new craze of 7 and 8 year olds worshiping stars like Miley or the Jonas Brothers as examples of the ways in which big corporations like Disney are training the youth in consumer culture. To me this is a characteristic that is kind of inherent in the millenial generation.

    1. Sofia Zinger Post author

      I agree that it is consumerist, but as a part of the millennial generation ourselves, do we feel at all sympathetic or see ourselves relating to this later form of our own generation? I just can’t take they lyrics to that song seriously…

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