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Seda Savas, President
Trevor McNeil, Vice President
Luke Smith, Treasurer
Lauren Messing, Secretary
Jonathan Banco, 2nd Year IPS
Luniya Msuku, 1st Year IPS
Lauren Wygonski, 2nd Year ITP
Alex Rankin, 1st Year ITP
Jennifer Schneider, 2nd Year MBA
Bulbul Ahammed, 1st Year MBA
Antia Collazo Ageitos, 2nd Year T&I
Jung Han, 1st Year T&I
Addi Rose Matthews, 2nd Year MPA
David “Doc” Reichbaum, 1st Year MPA
Jessica Matzen, 1st Year LEL
Jacqueline Gaskill, 2nd Year IEP
Shawn Dillard, 1st Year IEP
Allison Ford, ETF Co-Chair
Emily Sloane, ETC Co-Chair
Chris Hucke, Social Activities Chair

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