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Final Paper Proposal

As I stated in my paper topic post, the trailer’s main function is to entice the viewer to view the upcoming film. The generalized¬†beginning¬†of “In a world where …” applies to all trailers, but most especially to the science fiction/fantasy genres. Not only do these trailers have to provide a narrative hook for the viewer, […]

Another Final Paper Topic

This one really isn’t really for me, because I’m pretty excited (or, as excited as one can be about writing 15 pages …) about my first idea. But I was watching some television, as one does on break, and realized that beyond the narrative of a television episode itself, credit sequences are endowed with a […]

Final Paper Topic Thoughts

Once upon a time … I say this only because there is a bit of a story behind my current paper topic thought. The day before I was due to come back to Middlebury, I went out and finally made the switch. I got a mac. Bad timing … I got to spend the whole […]

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