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New Ways of Viewing, Revisited

In my previous post, I examined the role that aberrant viewing plays in constructing narratives. My experience of Bones in reverse was interesting in terms of charting cause and effect, but the way I constructed the fabula from the series syuzhet (adopting the terms to the story arc of the season/series instead of episode text) was […]

New Ways of Viewing

Yesterday I watched a significant number of Bones episodes in reverse chronology because that was how they were listed on Hulu. Silly? Yes. Lazy? Absolutely. But an interesting experience nonetheless.  Angela Ndalianis would probably classify Bones under her fourth prototype: The fourth schemata relies on the technique of ‘variation on a theme’ and on the personality of […]

The Narrational Modes of Annie Hall

In class today, we discussed Annie Hall in relation to the modes of art cinema, classical Hollywood and a touch of parametric narration. At the time I had a half-baked sort of though about historical-materialism, but couldn’t formulate it enough to possibly warrant mentioning it in class. But now that I’ve had a chance to marinate, […]

Final Paper Proposal

As I stated in my paper topic post, the trailer’s main function is to entice the viewer to view the upcoming film. The generalized beginning of “In a world where …” applies to all trailers, but most especially to the science fiction/fantasy genres. Not only do these trailers have to provide a narrative hook for the viewer, […]

Classical Hollywood versus Art Cinema Modes

A la the closing comment of Professor Mittell yesterday, I left class thinking about the distinction between Hollywood and Art Cinema as modes of narration, and how they applied to our screenings thus far. Reflecting on the year to date in light of these distinctions, I find our first screenings to be the most interesting […]

A New Narrative for Pushing Daisies

When the editing assignment came up, I immediately wanted to play with my favorite (currently airing) show, Pushing Daisies. As for a partner, I mentioned my plan to Scotty, who happened to share my passion for an undead girl and her pie-making love. As for the process … Problems accumulated quite quickly. As many of […]

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