Rules and Clues!


1. Don’t unnecessarily disrupt anyone.

2. Be safe, unless directed otherwise.

3. Creativity and ingenuity will be rewarded.

4. Submit all electronic materials to by Monday at 9 pm.

5. All physical submissions have to be taken to Nial’s room at 9pm on Monday, also. There will be a penalty for late submissions.

5. Contacting faculty/staff by email is not allowed, find them in person instead.  Nobody likes email.

6. Anything illegal, disrespectful, or unnecessarily crude will be frowned upon. Being too aggressive can result in us docking points.



1)   Find the most interesting bird in Middlebury’s taxidermy room. (2 points)

2)   Your hair is looking a little too normal today.  Get a radical hair change (Up to 5 points).

3)   Twilight @ Twilight @ Twilight. (5 points)

4)   Write and perform Nial’s eulogy. (3 points)

5)   Milk a cow (bonus if it is another animal). (4 points)

6)   Write and perform a sonnet to a real life tarantula or rabbit. (3 points)

7)   Collect money (any denomination) from as many countries as possible. (.3 points for each)

8)   Write and perform a heart wrenching poem to your mother. I WANT TEARS. (3 points)

9)   Find a typo in a college assigned textbook / reading. (2 points)

10)Recreate your favorite Youtube video. (4 points)

11)Find both previous occupants of your rooms in Stew and get a picture taken with them. (One point per pair- cap of 10 points)

12)Which Middlebury graduate (Class of 1823) was known for his translation of the Bible? (2 points)

13)Create a powerpoint presentation on why a dinosaur (of your choice) should replace the owl as Brainerd’s mascot. (2 points)

14)Find one alumnus of Stew.  (age x .05 points)

15)What natural disaster had Daniel Skinner (Class of 1816) worried? (2 points)

16)Gosh I really want something awesome, but all I have is One Red Paperclip. Help?- Points based on how many trades and the awesomeness of the final outcome. (5 points)

17)Stage a colonial cannon battle. (4 points)

18)Sell a Girl Scout a cookie. (3 points)

19)Find a grandmother to sing a Taylor Swift song. (4 points)

20)Thor is lonely. Find him a life partner. (4 points)

21)Serenade someone in town with a Whitney Houston song. (3 points)

22)Find central Vermont’s famous Oscar. (2 points)

23)Show us your hula hooping skills (1 point per minute, cap of 5), another bonus point if you are simultaneously doing something else.

24)Do something nice for a Brainerd custodial. (2 points)

25)Get a professor to sing Adele. (4 points)

26)Make a massive snow angel. Bonus points for size. (4 points)

27)Bake Nial’s face. (3 points)

28)Most embarrassing Shaw’s check out under $5. (2 points)

29)Do an interpretive dance to a Robert Frost reading (2 points), bonus points if it is at the Robert Frost cabin.

30)Discover the inner spirit animal for each member of your team. (2 points)

31)At 9pm on Monday, serve Nial your best proctor creation.  (3 points)

32)Find the ampitheater in the woods and perform the “To be or not to be speech” from memory (4 points)

33)Come up with 5 Yo mama jokes inspired by LOTR. (3 points)

34)Pretend to be a groupie for each varsity team and get a signature from the captain (.5 points per sig, cap of 5 points)

35)Build a Rube Goldberg machine to do something useful for Middkids. (4 points)

36)Find the best Harry, Ron & Hermione doppelgangers at Midd, bonus points for costumes and having them together in the photograph. (4 points)

37)Make a Macrame Owl (3 points)

38)Make a mash-up with the Sweet Remains and Bon Iver (4 points)

39)Best pick up line in Quenya. (1 point)

40)Most creative abstract representation of the Middlebury campus. (3 points)

41)Ask someone out on a WRMC show (4 point).

42)Recreate a famous painting hipster-style. (4 points)

43)For my febmester, I was a surrogate mother and gave birth to twins.  What did you do? (2 points)

44)Do a fingerpainting of Ron Liebowitz’s face. With Ketchup. (2 points)

45)Make a puppet show about a historic battle. (2 points)

46)Sing “Lady in Red” to a Lady in Red. (2 points)

47)Which Middlebury graduate was instrumental in the completion of the Capital’s dome? (2 points)

48)Which group (doesn’t exist anymore) at Midd would carry around a taxidermy owl as their mascot? (2 points)

49)Who was the architect of Hepburn Hall? (1 points)

50)Contact a living member of the Stewart of Stewart Hall family. (3 points)

51)How many students graduated in the first graduating year at Midd? (2 points)

52)Who was Ezra Brainerd’s pastor? (2 points)

53)A certain famous critic of Bill Clinton had a great uncle who had strong ties with Middlebury. Who are they? (2 points)

54)Reenact an untold love story/scene from the HP series. (4 points)

55)Take a mini-snow person on a 1-on-1 date to Ross. (3 points)

56)Perform an a cappella rendition of your favorite nursery rhyme. (3 points)

57)Make a winter outfit from pancakes. Just pancakes. And you’ve got to wear it. (6 points)

58)Get a celebrity to retweet you. (upto 5 points)