ESG and Transparency

The ESG and Transparency Subgroup is working to embed Environmental, Social and Governance criteria in Middlebury’s investment decisions.

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Ongoing projects include:

  • Developing a framework through which to evaluate the sustainability of Middlebury’s Endowment
  • Fostering transparency in the school’s investments through publicly available research (See Progress Reports Below)
  • Gaining and representing an understanding of the student body’s priorities in Environmental, Social and Governance Criteria.

Come and join us for our meetings upstairs in Proctor Dining Hall every Tuesday at 6 p.m.

Environmental and Social Governance Resources

SRI has assembled these fact sheets for your convenience. If you wish to learn even more about ESG principles, view the links below!

Fact Sheets:

  • What is ESG Investing?

    • An investment strategy that believes that companies with conscientious focuses on environmental, social, and governance factors will outperform their competitors overtime, considering equal financial strength.

  • Is ESG investing new or controversial?

See the complete list of ESG Frequently Asked Questions

Further Resources:

The Future of ESG Investing – Taisheng Ye, State Street

Goldman Sachs Socially Responsible Equity Strategies

Performance Assessments of the Sustainable Investments Initiative

The Sustainable Investments Initiative is a fund comprised in part by portion of Middlebury’s Endowment. This fund is managed by Investure, but is the result of the combined effort of SRI, the Middlebury Administration, Investure, and other clients of Investure. Below, please find Performance Assessment Reports written by members of the SRI. 

Sustainable Investments Initiative- Final Draft -Censored-September 2012

Sustainable Investments Initiative- Final Draft -Censored-May 2012

Sustainable Investments Initiative- Final Draft -Censored-March 2012


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