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Come to SRI meetings!
Wednesday nights, 6pm in the Orchard, Hillcrest

The Socially Responsible Investment Club is open to all students and meets Wednesday nights at 6pm in Hillcrest(map). We are a very active club and members have the opportunity to meet with the college administration and board as well as to shape real investment decisions.  No prior knowledge of economics or investment is necessary.

You can also take steps with your own savings or investments to make them more responsible.

1. Move your savings into a local bank

If you have a savings or checking account with a national bank, move it to a local bank or credit union. This is a type of community investment that benefits your local community.  In Middlebury, you can easily open an account at the National Bank of Middlebury.

2. Make your investments more responsible

You can also employ socially responsible investment practices with your own investments (or your parents!).  Check out the Resources page for ideas, or see this Reuters article on divesting family funds from the fossil fuel industry.

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