In our last full-club meeting of the Fall 2013 semester, we wrote appreciations for each other and shared them in the meeting. Some are signed, many are left to our imagination. Here they are, for perpetuity:

Word Cloud of Appreciations

I appreciate Craig for giving us weekly workshops on finance! I’ve learned so much and it’s nice to have that element in meetings.

I’d like to recognize Nate, Trevor, and Ben, because even though everyone works hard, those three always show up to any kind of meeting and have so much enthusiasm and knowledge.

I appreciate Virginia for keeping a vision of all the moving parts and pieces of SRI and helping us follow up on them.

To the folks who joined SRI this year: You are killing it! Thanks for all your hard work and enthusiasm and new projects already started– you’re the life blood and future of this club!

I have appreciated all the incredibly informative and engaging workshops and tutorials we’ve had. The presenters have done an amazing job at teaching us about SRI-related topics.

Alexa is the best for taking initiative to keep things moving in the club. Her excitement and dedication are inspiring.

Teddy holds Patrick (and us) accountable. It’s great.

I’m really happy with the level of energy from the whole group. We’ve gotten really excited about a lot of great things and it has made SRI really enjoyable.

Virginia and Jeannie for helping me go to Powershift. Also Greta for making the conference a blast.

I appreciate all the work that has gone into putting us into the big leagues. I appreciate Nate especially for getting the SRI Investment Fund charter written before finals. And I appreciate the great progress we’ve made with the old guys. –Trevor Quick

I appreciate Teddy for following Denny’s with me on Craig’s business tracking info session. Teddy seems like a very up-beat guy in general. –Kyler

I appreciate Khi for getting our budget passed!

I really appreciate all the effort people put into SRI’s projects.

I appreciate all of the work that Virginia and Jeannie do as co-presidents.

Alexa, Trevor and Khi, watching you all become such strong leaders this year helps me sleep at night. –Ben

I appreciate Ben for being a mentor. –Jeannie

Trevor, I so  appreciate the tireless work you’ve been putting into SRI this year. You are an absolute pleasure to work with and hang with. I once heard that a leader’s job is to “radiate calm” and you epitomize that.

Brenda, we are truly lucky to have you with us. Thank you for all of your wisdom, persistence and enthusiasm. –Ben

Zach, I really really appreciate that you’ve been around this year and become a permanent fixture of the club. We’re better because you’re in it.

Virginia and Jeannie, the club is really lucky to have both of you around. Thanks for all the great work over the past couple of years. –Ben

I am appreciate of the dedication and enthusiasm that everyone in this group demonstrates (and Sophie Vaughan for telling me about the club!)

Jeannie, thanks for your strategic work this semester. I love thinking critically with you! <3 Virginia

I appreciate Maeve for taking initiative on the Social Balance Sheet.

I am appreciative for everyone who worked to enable SRI to have its own portfolio. –Craig

Ben, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you stepping down prematurely to help train us youngsters for leadership.

Kyler, I LOVE our enthusiasm and you are just fantastic. Your perspective is unique and valuable, and we are so lucky to have you as part of the club.

ACSRI, thanks for keeping it together and challenging P. Norton!

Khi, Ben and Alexa, I’ve loved our strategy meetings after SRI in Proctor. <3 Virginia

I appreciate the optimism, enthusiasm, and energy of the whole group and extra time commitment of officers/leaders.

I appreciate the chance to get to know y’all and I’m sad I didn’t join this earlier.

I really appreciate everything that SRI has done. To be honest, I am so inspired by the energy of everyone. Ben you are awesome! Craig, Alexa, Virginia and Jeannie, Thank you!

I am appreciative of the ESG group for introducing me to a new and interesting perspective on investing. I’m also excited about our $150,000 fund and the opportunity to practice managing money sustainably. I wish our super-seniors the best in the future.

Thank you Alexa, Jeannie, Trevor, Ben and Virginia for being wonderful, inspiring and welcoming leaders and mentors. You all do such a good job of relating the seriousness and importance of the issues we’re dealing with while maintaining a positive attitude– truly inspiring!

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