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The Socially Responsible Investment Club

Middlebury’s Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) Club has two facets:

  1. Work directly with the Board of Trustees and provide recommendations on how to incorporate more socially responsible investment practices into the management of our endowment.
  2. Organize educational events and creative actions on campus to raise awareness about the lack of transparency in our endowment and how we can practice more SRI.

All students are welcome to participate in the SRI club meetings. To read the SRI Constitution, click here.

The Advisory Committee on Socially Responsible Investment (ACSRI)

The Advisory Committee on Socially Responsible Investment consists of five elected student members who serve for a year and meet regularly with Treasurer Patrick Norton.

For the Fall 2014 school year, the ACSRI members are:

Jeannie Bartlett ’15

Virginia Wiltshire-Gordon ’16

Nate Cleveland ‘16.5

Alexa Beyer ‘15.5

Teddy Smyth ’16


From the Committee Charter for the ACSRI:    GOALS

To promote the socially responsible investment of Middlebury’s endowment through the
following methods: Listed in order of importance.
1. Fulfilling shareholder rights and responsibilities for 100% of our endowment by
-Using our proxy voting status
-Submitting shareholder resolutions
-Engaging in corporate dialogue
2. Positive investments of a small percentage of Middlebury’s direct holdings in
-Local, national and international, community development initiatives
-Environmental protection and alternative energy suppliers
-Businesses owned by women or minorities
3. Screening and divestment from
-Selected companies that severely violate Middlebury’s ethical principles
-Companies selected as part of national divestment campaigns

To read the ACSRI’s complete charter with the college administration, click here.

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