Welcome First Years!

It’s first year move-in day, and dorm decorating is underway! Though these first few days can be stressful, take comfort in the fact that generations of Midd Kids have been in your shoes and made it through their first weeks. Here are some tips from their experiences, some over a century ago!

Looking for decoration inspiration? Forget pinterest and check out these crafty Midd ladies from 1901.

With any luck, you’ll have your room looking as swanky as it did in 1904:

You’ll probably be wishing for more closet space, as did the author of this helpful Women’s College guide “A Word to the Why’s” in 1942. She says, “when the architect designed Pearsons he somehow (that’s a man for you!) forgot the closets until drastically late in the proceedings. Consequently, they are quite small.”

But don’t worry, even these guys found a place for their clothes in 1902


Once you’re settled with your Middlebury pennants on the walls, be sure to take a moment to relax with your new friends!




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