A Round Table with Middlebury Alumni

MIddlebury_VT_-_College_LibraryWhat Happens after Middlebury? 

A Round Table with Middlebury Alumni 

What does it mean to “follow one’s heart” in the pursuit of knowledge? How does that translate into life after Middlebury? How does the sphere of information, knowledge building and diverse experiences in which students are immersed today contribute to shaping their professional future?  Where can we draw inspiration to envision continued engagement with today’s changing world?

Three recent Middlebury Alumni will share their experiences since graduation in the pursuit of a less conventional professional paths, with students in Maria Woolson’s class Spain and Spanish America. They will also talk about how a personal vision translated into working in their corresponding fields and how meaningful certain aspects of their education were in enabling the path they travelled to date. Their experiences have a few elements in common: their passion for making a difference in the world, the driving force of their continued intellectual curiosity, and some shared experiences: at least one semester in Latin America and the frequent use of their bilingual (if not trilingual) skills developed at Middlebury. All students of Spanish at Middlebury are welcome to attend. The event will be conducted in Spanish.
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Where and When?

Lib 230, on April 26th @ 1:40 pm

Refreshments will be served

Guests: in person at Middlebury Elianna Kan, virtually from Los Angeles, CA Max Kanter and from Tucson, AZ Sophie Morse