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  1. Ansally Kuria (Dot)

    On Thursday during lab my partner (Jenna) and I had already generated the random numbers for the floor and the room numbers for the 10 clusters we were to visit and then split up for a while. I was to go to Kelly and Lang and she was to go to Milliken, after which we would link up again. In my head, I was thinking this was going to be easy and I would be done within no time. However, on reaching Lang not only was the random generated room number empty but all the rooms around it too! I went to the floor below it and there too, nobody answered. So I decided to do the Kelly cluster first. The random floor number was 4. It was empty! I walked into the kitchenette and sat down frustrated. I text Jenna; She seemed to be doing well. I explained my situation and asked her her to text me or call me once she was done working in Milliken so that we could move on to the other clusters. Since I lived in Lang, I could try my luck later. But then I sat there wondering how this was possible so I decided to go through all the floors. If someone answered I gave them the survey, if nobody answered I moved to the next room. I managed to get around seven people in both Lang and Kelly by the time Jenna called. (It was now just after the end of the class period. I actually got many people as they were arriving at their doors).
    Our next cluster was Pearsons, this one was easy. The room number that we had random generated happened to be a double and the two occupants were home. The rooms around it were a double and a triple. Jenna and I then finally split up, I went to Painter and she went to Starr. Later, I was supposed to go to Perkins and she would go to Shannon Street. I did find people in Painter although again I did not find them all on one floor.
    I had no idea where Perkins was, so once I looked it up and realized it was a small house, and not want to frustrate myself again, I figured I really needed to find a time where I would be almost certain of finding people around. Unfortunately my Friday was really full and the weekend was really not a good idea. I decided to go there at 10:30 on Monday night. All but a few of the occupants were away so I managed a cluster pretty quick.
    In all the rooms I went to, only one person said no and that was because he had an exam in an hour, which I really did understand. I was sincerely amazed at just how much people were willing to fill. They asked what it was for and once that I replied it was for a class survey, no more questions were asked. One person did ask me however if we were doing the survey due to the alcohol issues on campus. I also noticed that whenever people were in groups, they read out some of the reasons in 10b a lot and laughed among themselves.
    If a person consented to fill the survey, I handed a copy to them and told them I would be back for it. In one room however, I was asked to wait for the survey which at the beginning was uncomfortable but I just looked around the room…I noticed lots of African postcards and some fabric too. So I asked whether she had been to Africa and she had been. In fact she had been to my country on Safari. So we had a little chat about that which was really nice.
    The entering of the data was more time consuming than I thought but having the number and letter codes did help a lot although I think that the system should have been more standard. For example some questions were not given codes when they should have.
    But all in all I really did enjoy this lab!

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