9/10: Prelude. Tony Judt. Ill Fares The Land: http://www.nybooks.com/articles/archives/2010/apr/29/ill-fares-the-land/?pagination=false

9/12:     Barber–Jihad McWorldSen–Judging GlobalismGray–Great Transformation to Free MarketWallerstein–Rise:DeclineMichthelwait–Hidden Promise

9/17:    Harvey–Freedom’s Just Another WordHarvey–The Construction of Consent

9/19:    Schaeffer–Globalizing Production In the US, Europe, Japan

The Wall Street Journal. “We’ve become a nation of takers, not makers: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748704050204576219073867182108.html

9/24:      Ohmae:Strange Decline of StateHarvey–Neoliberal State

9/26:   Gereffi–The Global EconomyBull–Beyond the State SystemStliglitz–Promise of Global Institutions

            Vreeland–IMFSlaughter–New Worl OrderHalliday–Global Governance Proposects and Problems


Anne-Marie Slaughter. A New World Order

10/1:   Schaeffer–Debt Crisis and Globalization

10/3:    Reader–Inequality ReadingsChang–Market Reforms Don’t make Countries Rich

10/8:    wallerstein–curve of american powerChua–Day of Empire IntroductionChua-US as HyperpowerHardt and Negri–Empire 

10/10:   Tilly–Globalization Threatens Labor RightsBhagwati-In Defense of Globalization chpt 10Herod–Contradictions of Labor InternationalismChun-Organizing at the Margins Chpt 1

10/15: Brink Lindsey. Poor Choice: Why Globalization Didn’t Create 9/11: http://www.cato.org/publications/commentary/poor-choice-why-globalization-didnt-create-911

Robert K Schaeffer. “The Legacy of Partition in India and Pakistan: 1947-1948”

“Partition in Palestine: 1948”

“Revolution and war in Iran and Iraq: 1978-1980”

“Revolution and War in Afghanistan”

“The Aftermath of 9/11”

10/17:  Harvey–The Condition of Postmodernity

 10/22:  No Class, Fall Recess

10/24: No Class, Sorry.

10/29:  Kellner–globalizationpostmodernturn

10/31: Experiencing Globalization Readings

11/5:   Chua–Globalization and Ethnic Hatred

11/7:    Peter Thomson Guest Lecture on Global Environmental Issues

11/12: Alternative Globalization ReadingsBhagwati-In Defense of Globalization chpt 1

11/14:   mazur–foreign affairs 2000,  Lerner_UNLF_A_211271 (3)

11/19:  Group Presentation In-Class Meetings (no Reading)

11/21:  Naomi Klein. Reclaiming the Commons, http://www.newleftreview.org/A2323,

Gill–Toward a Postmodern Prince

 11/26:  McCallum–Global Unions, Local Power Intro

McCallumDunnBrady–Dont Call it a Comeback

Chang–How to Rebuild Global Economy

11/28:  No Class. Thanksgiving.

12/3:    Group Presentations

12/5:    Group Presentations























































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