Index Page for SNRs with Available Emission-Line Images

At Middlebury College, students of Prof. Frank Winkler have been obtaining narrow-band images of a number of Galactic Supernova Remnants (SNRs), with the eventual goal of assembling a gallery of image data for most of the optically detected SNRs in the Galaxy.  Most of the objects included so far have images obtained from the twin 0.6/0.9 m f/3.5 Schmidt telescopes: the Burrell Schmidt located at Kitt Peak National Observatory in Arizona, and the Curtis Schmidt located at Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory in Chile.  (Both telescopes were long available to all astronomers through the National Optical Astronomy Observatory, but operation has now reverted to their owners: Case Western Reseve University (Burrell Schmidt) and the University of Michigan (Curtis Schmidt).

All of the objects have images taken in H-alpha (6563 Å), [S II] (6716, 6731 Å) and a narrow-band red continuum. Most also have images in [O III] (5007 Å). Detailed filter and exposure information appears on the pages for individual objects.  On the individual pages for each object are processed FITS images in each of the emission lines, as well as combined color images in JPEG format in most cases.

This initial collection is part of an ongoing project.  Astronomers or the general public are welcome to download use these data for any valid purpose.  Please reference the Middlebury Optical ATlas of Supernova Remnants (MOATS), Winkler, P. Frank, Perez, Lucia, Smyth, Edward, et al., in preparation.

Below is the list of objects for which image data is currently available:

Object R.A. (2000.) Decl. (2000.)
G005.4-1.2 (Milne 56) 18:02:10 -24:54:00
G006.4-00.1 (W28) 18:00:30 -23:26:00
G166.0+4.3 (VRO 42.05.01) 05:26:30 +42:56:00
G189.1+3.0 (IC 443) 06:17:00 +22:34:00
G272.2-3.2 09:56:50 -52:07:00
G292.0+1.8 11:24:36 -59:16:00
G296.1-0.5 11:51:10 -62:34:00
G296.8-0.3 11:58:30 -62:35:00
G299.2-2.9 12:15:12 -65:30:00
G302.3+0.7 12:45:55 -62:08:00
G309.2-0.6 13:46:31 -62:54:00
G326.3-1.8 (MSH 15-56) 15:53:00 -56:10:00
G347.5-0.5 17:13:42 -39:46:00