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I asked the members of my WRPR 0100 class to indicate three things they had learned about writing this semester. This is their list:

  1. editing process is useful–print  drafts to read somewhere else helpful–fully explain quotations
  2. set paper aside to marinate–use more details–flow and coherence
  3. thesis more concise–reread papers several times–comma plus and!
  4. how to write a paper–structure of a paper–introduction–thesis-unity/coherence/development–passive voice–participles
  5. collaborate and edit with peers–write in drafts–eliminate passive
  6. paper with thesis statement–good flow of ideas–dep and indep clauses–analyze in an essay
  7. dangling modifiers-write in complete non-fragmented sentences–analyze other writings and use their techniques
  8. use scientific method on papers–details! eliminate redundancy
  9. word placement–subtle changes can hold reader’s interest–paragraph structure–participles!!
  10. comma splices! topic sentences! drafts are your friend (esp. when done before midnight)
  11. difference between hyphen (-) and dash (–) consider reader’s feelings when writing–use other media to express ideas, too
  12. MLA citations–avoid change in verb tenses–do not create your own facts about a book or movie
  13. thesis statement–topic sentence–how to make conclusion better
  14. how she writes and her strengths and weaknesses–passive voice–form a stronger argument by manipulating sentences, paragraphs, paper as a whole
  15. grammar rules–add specific details to thesis statement–coherent sentences
  16. topic sentence should start the paragraph– avoid this and that in the beginning of a sentence–difference between long and short sentences in paragraph can help ideas
  17. participles–dangling modifiers–adding new ideas to the conclusion

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  1. Derek Bruff says:

    Must be that time of year… I did something similar with my students! Here are their thoughts on improving their writing going forward.

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