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Monthly Archive for August, 2005

First Blush

First Blush Originally uploaded by mebertolini. As the leaves begin to change here at the end of August, I’m finalizing plans for my first-year seminar. For the first time, I’ve added a summer assignment to my class, and almost all of my student have responded on-line to date. They are also responding to each other […]

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Building Assignment Sequencing

I’m preparing a presentation on Sequencing Assignments for our Annual Writing Retreat. I plan to chart the Trajectory of an Assignment, which shows an assignment starting at the informal writing phase and moving through multiple drafts to self-critical awareness on the part of the student. I will, also, demonstrate Building an Assignment Sequence by showing […]

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Still Green

Green Originally uploaded by mebertolini. Leaves are still green here, but not for long. I have not made all the decisions about my class yet, but I have decided to do another hybrid Movable Type/ Segue Course Management mix, and so I have begun to build my sites. My class will be getting their first […]

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Yesterday, as I drove the back roads that meander through the green mountains of Vermont, I spied the first leaves turning from green to gold. Everything is still green in the valley where I live, but the turning leaves at that higher elevation remind me that I need to turn my mind seriously to the […]

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