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Pushing Daisies (c) ABC

Let’s put it simply: Leslie and I are in love…with Pushing Daisies, and it was that mutual affection with a quirky show about the pie-maker Ned waking up the dead that brought us together on this project. I think my primary reason for liking the show is how different it is from mainstream TV programming, with the stylized mise-en-scenes, the interesting characters, the unique premise, the blending of the detective genre, and the humor, etc… Enough said.

Like Leslie mentioned in her post, we encountered some technical difficulties, which were frustrating, like spending hours in the library trying to get Snap Z to screen capture with sounds, to spending hours in Axinn using Snap Z, but having files too large to save to the desktop and having to start from scratch. I think that if anything good came from all that trial and error is that I now feel like a professional Snap Z wizard.

So, our basic idea was to take Ned, the innocent, shy, and lonely pie-maker, and make him a devious, calculating murderer (using only the first three episodes). We wanted to to use the story-book, third-person-omniscient-esque narrator and re-edit his narration in order to depict Ned as having been a murderer since his childhood. As Leslie mentioned, we tried to follow the intrinsic norms of the show: for example, beginning with childhood exposition and also employing “The Facts were these” when narrating a murder. Difficulties definitely arose because of editing around the sound, the music, and the dialogue, but I think what was important for Leslie and I was to construct a cohesive narrative solely using editing, that differed remarkably from the show itself.

So, here’s the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dWtiNvhbzKw . Enjoy

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