A Moving Image

A Moving Image 

How can you convey the feeling of freedom through a change in exposure. Each group member is in charge of replicating the same photo, but each will use a radically different exposure setting. (WRITE THEM DOWN and ADD THEM TO YOUR UPLOAD CAPTION). Each person should record three (3) shots which will include:  

  • 1 still frame with subject moving into frame 
  • 1 pan 
  • 1 tilt 

Joseph Findlay (F14, ISO 400, 1/48 Shutter)
Lynn Chai (F4 ISO800 48 9100K)
Jordan Saint-Louis (F16 ISO10,000 SS48 5000K)
Lauren Clarke (F6.3, ISO800, SS48, 3800K)
Lauren Sayula (F6.3, ISO800, 60 Shutter)

Faith Wood (F4, ISO500, Shutter 144)

Amanda Frank (Pan & Still: F4, Shutter 12, ISO 800, WB A) (Tilt: F4, Shutter 12, ISO 640, WB Preset)


F22, ISO800, SS12

F22, ISO800, SS12
F16, ISO 800, SS144, 5000K