Inferno and Chinese Culture


The Great Wall
Ancient China, to strengthen national security, emperor commanded millions of people to build the Great Wall, and most of people died from over-working and disease.

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to facilitate urbanization in China, many houses of farmers are torn down and they lost their homes.

In the same way, Zobrist cost the ability of reproduction of one third of population to sustain the lives of future generation.



in 20th century China, some revolutionists rebel against Chinese monarchy for democracy, but these people were decapitated. The civilians were nonchalant and callous, because they were used to obey the authority.

In the same way, the provost is used to obey the order of his clients without asking for any reason. This finally leads to a series of troubling events.



China keeps a neutral attitude on reducing environmental pollution. To facilitate industrial progress, China does not reduce carbon by much. This is the picture of  smog in Beijing and Harbin. people wear facial mask.

Elizabeth Sinskey in Inferno also keeps a neutral attitude towards population problem, and the population problem is getting worse and more difficult to cope with.

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