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First I’d like to say that blogging is essentially everything that I am against- well I shouldn’t say against because I don’t condemn or even look down upon others that do it.  I just personally find it in complete opposition of my desires, appeals, and interests.  Namely, I beg the question, who the hell wants to hear my opinion anyway, or follow my life?  And if they did, they would undoubtedly be constantly offended, awed, shocked, and mostly appalled!

Anyway, I am a film major, so naturally I am bound to technology.  I’ve always been very technologically inclined and engrossed; from my very first computer I’ve been trying to squeeze every function and possibility out of the little machine.  With film, I inherently deal a lot with cameras, computers, software programs, and uploading.  And in using these technologies constantly, I am very aware and experienced with the inevitable failures and anxieties that technologies relentlessly conjure.  I also write and record my own music which requires a completely new set of technological elements.

My favorite thing about the evolution of technology, is the ever-increasing capabilities and mobilities of new software.  The fact that I can edit a professional, and industry standardized film on my own laptop, and record a song with radio and CD quality on a 15″ machine that rests on my lap is mind-boggling.  Between final cut, after effects, photoshop, blender, and innumerable other products, anyone can produce professional films, animations, songs, ads, commercials, or whatever from their very home- it’s simply amazing!

Enough about technology and my techno-bio (which I can’t believe that there is such a thing as a techno-bio); I just want to fore warn anyone who may stumble upon this blog that I am not responsible for anything I say or do- so if you are offended, shocked, awed, or appalled I apologize in advance and will offer you a generic and insincere excuse for why you “misinterpreted” it or why I am not liable for the unfiltered things I say!  I take pity on you if you have read all of this and continue to read…

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