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I 100 percent agree with Liya in regards to spoilers. They are easily avoidable and can be very helpful and productive for a viewer who seeks them out.
For one, their is a certain novelty in being “caught up” with a show and following it live; viewing it for the first time with everyone else viewing it for the first time. Spoilers allow you to bypass the time commitment of watching the previous seasons or episodes in order to be up to speed and relatively knowledgeable about the shows history. Obviously you loose something by not directly watching the previous seasons or episodes, but spoilers are a great alternative for a fast and enjoyable power catch-up.
Secondly, for some movies or shows, especially ones I’m watching for academic purposes, I like to read everything about the particular movie/show before I watch it. When I know the ending, and know the famous scenes to watch for, and know the themes and intentions before hand, I can watch more intuitively and effectively. Being prepared and armed to watch the movie or show allows me to pick up on an abundance of elements and intricacies that would have evaded me if I was caught up in the suspense, plot, or decoding of the film or show.
Spoilers are extremely beneficial in the right cases and very destructive placed in the wrong context. Either way, spoilers definitely have their place and serve an important role in today’s media.

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