Version 1.1.0

the future

This release adds more RSS links to various pages of theme, custom author pages, new options for header height and blog title text position. Also added configuration file for saving custom header image files and header left meta options

  • Change: Options: changed sidebar title color derivative option to be determined by sidebar color. (2009-11-1 – Alex Chapin)
  • New feature: Configuration: added a config option for default header image. (2009-10-17 – Alex Chapin)
  • Change: Options: changed header text option to include position of the blog title and description within the header block or hide (top, middlebury, bottom, hide). (2009-11-1 – Alex Chapin)
  • New feature: Options: added an primary option for setting the height of the header block. (2009-11-1 – Alex Chapin)
  • New feature: Configuration: added a config-sample file that can be saved as config.php and used by blog admins to set default theme options. (2009-10-17 – Alex Chapin)
  • New feature: Documentation: added docs directory with changelog files (2009-10-4 – Alex Chapin)
  • New feature: Aggregation: added custom author pages and links to these from post attribution line (2009-10-4 – Alex Chapin)
  • New feature: RSS: added links to category and tag RSS feeds in the archive view (2009-10-2 – Alex Chapin)
  • Change: Comments: changed the color of text in comments field from gray to black for better usability. (2009-10-6 – Alex Chapin)
    (reported by Mike Roy)

Version 1.0.2


First release of ShadowBox WordPress Theme

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